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About Cascadia Council

Cascadia Council is one of 20 councils in Scouts Canada. The Council's prime focus is program activities including recruitment of youth starting new Groups and program support.

Cascadia Council serves approximately 6 000 youth and adult members throughout Interior British Columbia the Yukon and the Vancouver Islands. The council encompasses most of BC's geography and all of the Yukon! Much of the Council's population lives in smaller urban centers and rural areas.

The Cascadia Council is comprised of three geographics:

  1. the Northern Geographic which encompasses all of mainland BC from Clinton northward and the entire Yukon
  2. the Thompson Okanagan and Kootenays which includes all of mainland BC from Clinton southward and not including Greater Vancouver (the Fraser Valley and the Pacific Coast)
  3. the Vancouver Islands.

The Council Service Teams consist of representatives from each of the approximately 150 Scout groups in the council. The group representatives are typically sponsor or group committee members. The council meets each year to receive the annual report and annual financial statements and to recommend the appointment of the Council Commissioner.

The Council Commissioner is appointed by the Chief Commissioner of Scouts Canada. The Council Commissioner works closely with the Council Executive Director (the senior Scouts Canada employee assigned to the council) to plan and manage council services. A team of council and area volunteers is appointed by the Council Commissioner to help deliver these services.

There are 15 service Areas in the Cascadia Council whose purpose is to ensure that safe quality programs are delivered to youth through the provision of orientation training support and service to section leaders through Group Commissioners. Identifying membership development opportunities in existing group and the potential for new groups is also part of the Area's purpose.

Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers challenging programs for boys, girls and youth age 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada.

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